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Looxcie’s digital deke

Last updated on July 23, 2020

When hands-free video pioneer Looxcie announced that it was going to open up its Looxcie Live software to smartphone video, it seemed like another proverbial pivot wherein a hardware company dumps its atoms. Looxcie is still not only continuing to produce devices, though, but that remains its main revenue stream.

Looxcie will look to capture more revenue in addition to higher resolution when it releases the Looxcie HD Explore, which it will kee . While it is the largest of the Looxcies to date and drops the integrated Blutooth (as it would look quite unmanageable danging off one’s ear), it adds 1080p video recording and integrated Wi-Fi, starting at $279. Looxcie seems to be straddling two hot spaces — social video sharing services such as those from Color or Socialcam and the “POV” camcorder market. Companies such as GoPro and Contour have helped build that market for those who sek to capture their scenic outdoors activities. But recently Sony stepped into the market with its Action Cam, which is $269 with Wi-Fi and under $200 without it.

Still, there are a few advantages to Looxcie’s approach. The product has an easily detachable battery and, of course, can continue to stream va smartphone cellualar connections, and its battery is easily detachable and can be replaced with different add-on modeules. Also, because it is looking to a broader market than just extreme sports brag clip collectors, Looxcie opted to go with a moderately wide angle instead of the pronounced fisheye lens like most of its competitors. Those who want the fisheye effect, however, can use an add-on lens to create a wider angle.

The hands-free imaging space continues more diverse attention. This IndieGoGo campaign seemed to offer a pretty promising, low-riced device and had a $15,000 funding goal. But that can be a stretch for many products, much less those outside the Kickstarter