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Look out, Sonos

Today’s announcement that Logitech has acquired Slim Devices (about which I’ve written a post and column) serves as a reminder of how well the PC peripherals giant with the eclectic product portfolio has done at conquering markets from the high end (mice, speakers and remote controls) and staving off Microsoft, which, in addition to its raw market power, produces excellent keyboards and mice.

In my talks with Sonos, which today produces the gold standard for wirelessly networked digital music systems, the company has dismissed competition from traditional consumer electronics companies, but Logitech is not a company that rests on its laurels (or even its keyboards’ wrist rests). The portfolio of home media ingredients it now has is impressive, including its sleek DRM-sidestepping Wireless DJ Music System, its premium PC speaker line, Harmony remote controls, and now Slim Devices product. The top two portable digital players are produced by companies that no one would have speculated would lead the category; Logitech is looking like a stronger bet to bring multi-room digital music to the (moderately affluent, PC-savvy) masses.