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Logitech whacks Wi-Fi’s waiting game

As we continue to trudge toward a MIMO-based Wi-Fi standard that is robust enough to withstand the assault of microwave ovens and cordless phones, companies seeking to simplify wireless digital music distribution aren’t standing still. Squarely between Wi-Fi witholders Soundcast Systems at the point-to-point entry level and Sonos aimed at the Magnolia set.

Now Logitech is expanding its ho-hum 2.4 GHz-based Wi-Fi-alternative music streaming system marketed with the “Music Anywhere” logo in a dramatic way by adding a sleek remote control that can integrate with iTunes and other jukeboxes while streaming DRM-protected files by capturing processed audio output and then digitally encoding it again; the resulting system is the Wireless DJ Music System. Even with a two-room limit, this should be an exceptionally easy to use, flexible and robust system available for a fraction of the cost of the Sonos product.