iPhone introspection

Gizmodo has a lengthy post about Apple’s new iPhone update and its impact on unlocked phones. Apple gave advance notice that the update might render such phones useless. The whole iPhone unlocking phenomenon has touched on a lot of complex issues regarding intellectual property, consumer rights, the DMCA and so forth, but are there really that many consumers out there who so lust for an iPhone but have such an aversion to AT&T? Why don’t these people just get an iPod touch and another sleek (smart)phone? It seems like this would save them a lot of trouble.

Since my two-part column on Xohm, I’ve been accused of drinking the WiMax Kool-Aid, but I have to think that some kind of open access (or at least more open access) network would be cheered by consumers looking for most of the iPhone’s data features without being tied to AT&T. Apple’s multiyear exclusive may forbid such fraternizing with Sprint, but at least some fans of Apple’s portable wireless devices are clearly willing to go to extraordinary measures to avoid Apple’s current wireless partner.

One Response to iPhone introspection

  1. I wonder how private/public nets will morph over the next few years. These private carrier nets like AT&T hold much power today, but 700 mhz and/or wimax could change all that. Apple, for one, is more inclined to support the private model. Their hope is that they can maintain a level of interest in the iPhone that gives them ongoing power to negotiate revenue sharing deals with the carriers. Many people perceive Apple as that open-minded company it most assuredly is not. I wonder why Apple mostly gets a “free pass” in the market?