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Ineffective “truth” in advertising

I saw a Google ad today that took me to Danny’s Scam Review, which links to two, er, questionable sites. (Hmm, let’s see, they use the same exact floating banner as Danny’s Scan Review. Could they possibly be related?) Anyway, the noteworthy part is when “Danny” writes, “I was scammed by 37 different ‘get rich quick schemes’ and I lost over $4800 in 3 months.”

Right, that’s just the type of savvy individual from which I’m eager to take advice.

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  1. Rebekah Rebekah March 27, 2007

    I’m working on a [very long] blog post for friends who keep making stupid, careless computer mistakes and, for example, getting hacked on MySpace. I’m including tips such as cleanups and downloading free firewalls.

    “Beware of Google Sponsored Ads” is part of my post. When I got Dannys in my email, I Googled it as an example for my post. YOUR post was the first hit.

    I wanted to drop a note to say how brilliant your “I’m gonna take advice from THIS guy” comment was.

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