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HTC vs. Nokia: This does not mean war

Last updated on July 23, 2020

Dan Rowinski goes for the hyperbole in implying that HTC has declared war on Nokia. Apple versus Samsung, now that is war. They’re suing each other all around the world and each has almost nothing to gain from the other succeeding or even surviving (at least as far as Samsung’s mobile phone division is concerned. Semiconductors is another story.) That HTC and Nokia both chose to offer their latest Windows Phones in a variety of bright colors is nothing more than a coincidence and perhaps a common pursuit of “human” design (at the risk of forfeiting the alien market?).

Not only does Nokia (among others) have a long history in offering handsets inĀ multiple colors, but its on-ramp to the rainbow road for the 820 relies on snap-on back covers, not the integrated backs that HTC has used on its lower-end phone, the 8S. Of course, HTC and Nokia are competitors, and if the pool of customers who are interested in Windows Phone, does not grow, more competition is bad for Nokia. But if the pool of customers for Windows Phone does not grow, that’s lethal for Nokia.