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HTC One’s Dot View is a case of love quickly lost

Last updated on April 1, 2014

The new HTC One has a lovely profile and design, but the latest version of Sense remains as polarizing as ever. In almost every case, one can see why HTC chose to implement what it implemented, and the narrower font can be helpful, but rarely is it better and in some cases it’s worse. BlinkFeed isn’t a bad app, but does it really need to be one of the home screens?

The signature accessory for the smartphone is the HTC Dot View which, from a casual look at its operation, might lead one to believe is loaded with LEDs. It’s not and is a surprisingly low-tech affair like the many flat cases for the Galaxy handsets and from third parties for the iPhone. The main problem with the case is that it fails to wrap tightly around the One’s curved back, making the grip of the phone with its screen exposed a bit more awkward that it should be. Of course, you could also let the flap dangle, but that can also be awkward. As for the Dot View display, the functionality is offered via the One’s naked display and in better graphic quality.