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Getting to be a tablet with me

imageSome of the more interesting products I saw at CTIA had nothing to do with cell phones. A great example of this was the SISO Tablo by Hantech, It’s been available from Brando for a while, but should be receiving broader distribution in the near future. Using similar technology to that which powers the IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe, which could also emulate a mouse when writing on paper, the Tablo turns practically any laptop with a 7″ to 15″ screen into an ersatz tablet PC.

Of course, the Tablo won’t allow your laptop screen to twist around and lay flat atop the keyboard like a convertible tablet PC. However, for about $100, it seems to be a good fit for the user who needs tablet functionality only occasionally, say, to scribble down a diagram when taking notes. And, yes, Lauren and Giampaolo, it works with Macs, too, so now there’s you don’t have to go to Fry’s to get a computer with a screen you can write on.