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Get your kicks… before your competition

Last updated on April 21, 2014

Follow the often tech-relevant Product Design section of Kckstarter for a while and you’ll see quite a few kinds of devices resurface – iPhone and iPad cases and mounts are popular as are and all manner of photographic stability aids, mounts and dollies. Lately, though, it seems that there have been a curious number of overlapping funding campaigns for products with a somewhat similar focus. Take your pick if any of the following are of interest to you:

Gooseneck-like cables that allow one to prop up a smartphone
Une Bobine:

A way to conveniently carry and use a keyboard with your iPad

An AirPlay-based network audio adapter
playGo AP1:

A magnetic camera mount that allows fast and easy tilting and rotation
Mais 360:

A way to stabilize smartphone cameras and diffuse light for macro stills
The Nimbus Dome:

Now, the similarities among thee pairs varies a bit. Still, having similar projects compete against each other is not just bringing Kickstarter closer to how tings work in traditional private equity, it could be the basis for a whole new competitive means to drive funding. So, is this some plot by Kickstarter to drum up drama by adding a more competitive dimension to fundraising? More likely it’s a coincidences driven by the site’s growing popularity. That would indicate that there’s room for competition, perhaps from a more transparent party that would be willing to stand by its users and insure against loss of pre-order dollars in the event a project falls through.