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Fonolo would be a great wireless app

imageVery often, people post ad hoc directions on how to reach customer service lines while circumventingĀ  what an be daunting, time-consuming interactive voice response or menuing systems used by large companies. Fonolo plans to turn that into a scence wit a Web site that will list various departments at institutions such as banks, airlines and telcos. Better yet, it will call those companies, navigate the phone system menuingstructure and call you back just as the system needs your unique input.

It could be a great time-saver and, what’s more, doesn’t disrupt the systems that companies have in place. It simply automates using them. One limitation is that, in the case of long queues, Fonolo can’t “wait on line” for you, but the company says they’re working toward that.

Fonolo is a Web site, but it would be much handier as a mobile application.because most people have the least patience for such systems when they’re on their cellphones, burning up their talk time.