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Fitbit could be the first mainstream wearable computer

image Tikitag wasn’t the only batch of atoms to come out of the week that saw scores of startups launch at DEMOfall and the TechCrunch50. One I particularly liked was Fitbit, a clothespin-like device that includes an accelerometer and an OLED display that I hope you will be able to turn off. It essentially measures all your activity throughout the day (and night) and reports it.

With its Web component, it can be compared to he Nike+ system, but there’s an even older predecessor called SportBrain that started out using a dial-up connection. It’s recharged in a little dock and sends updates to the Internet whenever it gets within range of a PC.

At $99, the device is affordable and will likely be snapped up by fitness enthusiasts. It also looks like the developers have gotten the product small and convenient enough where it can have a good run before its functionality is integrated into advanced smartphones like the T-Mobile G1 that are increasingly sporting accelerometers.