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Failures to connect

RCR Wireless has an amusing retrospective where it looks at some of the biggest wireless flops ever to attempt a connection. Actually, some of them weren’t cell phones (the infamous Gizmondo) or even had a cellular radio (the once and perhaps future Foleo). Mike Dano reaches way back into the circular files to retrieve the NeoPoint 1000 smartphone, though. Amazon, which often acts as a museum for discontinued products, has the CDMA handset’s vital stats.

The photoguide finishes off with the Motorola T900 pager and the demise of the paging industry (kingpin SkyTel is still around although SmartBeep, late of the humorous commercials, is gone). Let’s not forget, though, that two-way paging was the birthplace of the Blackberry. My question, though, is how can any such history be complete without Modo?