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Electric slides

It looks like HTC is starting to get more competition for one of its favorite form factors, the side-slider, beyond Helio and Samsung. My buddy Evan Blass at Engadget posts on what could be the next in the Nokia Internet Tablet series, incorporating a keyboard. Thoughtfix is skeptical that it is the N800’s successor, but speculates that the removal of certain buttons could signal a finger-driven touch-screen like a certain recent release. I’m a bit concerned about having the keyboard off-center.

Meanwhile, Motorola’s reinterpretation of the Sidekick should finally bring the thin aesthetic to the friendly but chunky consumer smartphonesque handset. It would be great to see T-Mo offer this at $299. I’m not sure about this purple kick that Motorola seems to be on, but the ample five-row keyboard looks like a good bar for other side-sliders in terms of maximizing the keyboard real estate.