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Easy Bloom gets a green thumbs up

imageOne of the surprise hits at the Pepcom press event this week was Easy Bloom —  a unique combination of technologies designed to provide gardeners with a “plant’s eye” view of the world. It includes sensors for moisture, temperature and humidity.

Nestled inside its stem is a USB port (because if there’s one thing we all need more of in our gardens, it’s USB ports). As explained in a video, by plugging it into your PC (or soon, Mac) you can learn plants that will grow well in a particular patch of soil or even a diagnostic of why certain plants are ill.

Easy Bloom is clearly one of those products that is well-suited to alternative distribution channels such as home speciality catalogs and even department stores. At $59, this looks to be high on the list of best novelty electronics for this holiday season. And it’s certainly on the dwindling list of products that have no competition to fear from the iPhone.