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Cozying up to Cozi

Last updated on July 23, 2020

The last time I saw a company attempt a “family organizer,” it was a sub-$150 bulky hardware device that didn’t make many inroads. Now a startup called Cozi is attacking the same problem. Using the power of the Web and wireless connections, though, its free software, called Cozi Central, has potential. Essentially, different family members sign up (or are signed up) under a single account and can check shared resources such as calendars and grocery lists. Family members can also leave notes for each other.

The software’s user interface is approachable without being simplistic, and its collage screensaver, while far from visually stunning, is also nicely presented. One must-have missing feature that I expect we’ll see soon, though, is contacts. This is critical for tracking kids’ friends, emergency numbers, restaurants and so forth.