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Cookoo wins the Kickstarter smartwatch shipping race

Last updated on July 23, 2020

The winner of the 2012 Kickstarter smartwatch shipping derby — entrants in which include Pebble, the MetaWatch Strata, Cookoo and — what the heck — Martian and Touch Time — is in and it seems to be Cookoo, the Bluetooth-connected watch with a traditional face and a series of fixed icons around its face that enable it to have a non-rechargeable battery. As with another highly touted Kickstarter project, Supermechanical’s TWINE, there are still a few unimplemented features, including music control and (ironically for a watch) countdown timing and alarm functionality. Other features, including SMS and e-mail notifications, are lying in wait for iOS support.

The packaging of Kickstarter projects has been a decidedly mixed cardboard box, with some products shipping in little more than bubble wrap and others in eco-friendly packaging that might qualify as origami. Despite being one of the cheapest smartwatches offered via Kickstarter, Cookoo has certainly sets a high bar. It ships in a mildly soft-touch plastic shell that not only resembles a birdhouse (get it?) that apparently can be reused as an actual birdhouse.