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Childish locks

At Engadget, Ryan Block writes about Qigo, a system for enabling access to premium online content via physical keys. As Apple has proven with the iPod and iTunes store, it’s still a lot easier to sell atoms than bits, and Computer Associates will soon offer its Internet security software on a 2 GB USB flash drive that pops into a credit card holder.

While most kiddie gadgets are modeled after their adult counterparts, the Qigo concept seems similar to the Tiger Net Jet.


  1. Beth Loughney Beth Loughney May 30, 2007

    It is the Tiger NetJet. NetJet is a QiGO-connected device. Hasbro licensed the technology from the company.

    The NetJet game controllers shows one of the many excellent form factors and applications that QiGO allows.

    (Full Disclosure: I am the CEO of QiGO.)

  2. Ross Rubin Ross Rubin May 30, 2007


    Thanks for the comment, interesting to see that it’s the same IP.

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