Childish locks

At Engadget, Ryan Block writes about Qigo, a system for enabling access to premium online content via physical keys. As Apple has proven with the iPod and iTunes store, it’s still a lot easier to sell atoms than bits, and Computer Associates will soon offer its Internet security software on a 2 GB USB flash drive that pops into a credit card holder.

While most kiddie gadgets are modeled after their adult counterparts, the Qigo concept seems similar to the Tiger Net Jet.

2 Responses to Childish locks

  1. It is the Tiger NetJet. NetJet is a QiGO-connected device. Hasbro licensed the technology from the company.

    The NetJet game controllers shows one of the many excellent form factors and applications that QiGO allows.

    (Full Disclosure: I am the CEO of QiGO.)

  2. Ross Rubin says:


    Thanks for the comment, interesting to see that it’s the same IP.