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Changing of the guard at Engadget

image Just wanted to take a moment to wish my friend Ryan Block well on his future endeavors now that he will be leaving behind. Yes, it’s well-known that Ryan really gets a lot of posts written at Engadget these days because he’s Veronica Belmont‘s boyfriend, but some of us remember him from the days before he reached such heights of Stedman-like blogebrity.

Seriously, though, whether it was in the days where Peter and Ryan were the dynamic duo that dove Engadget’s early days or during his master stewardship of the site since becoming its editor-in-chief, it has been a pleasure working with Ryan throughout Switched On‘s run. I am looking forward to continuing to work with incoming editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky, who has written some of my favorite Engadget posts.

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  1. Ryan Block Ryan Block July 23, 2008

    Thanks man! Won’t be going too far though, so don’t get teary eyed just yet!

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