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CardScan finally comes to the Mac

Last updated on July 23, 2020

imageIf you’ve given me a business card in the past few years, you probably know that I’m a user of the CardScan business card scanner and what is now called the “At Your Service” update service. After eight major releases on Windows, though, the product has finally come to the Mac. Company reps told me they wanted to “get it right” and it looks like they’ve done a nice job with the UI. The killer feature is being able to browse your cards “cover flow” style.

Unfortunately, CardScan for Mac is not yet plugged into “At Your Service” but that should be on the developers’ docket.


  1. Dave Zatz Dave Zatz September 26, 2008

    Will it sync addresses down to Mac Address Book? (which in trun syns with my Yahoo account and iPhone)

  2. Ross Rubin Ross Rubin September 26, 2008

    Yes, it syncs automatically with Address Book.

  3. dieselm dieselm October 29, 2008

    Can you use the software with older versions of cardscan hardware? (cardscan 60)

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