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Capping off more accurate white balance

imageThose who hold reverence for RAW cite as one of its advantages the ability to compensate for poor white balance in Photoshop after the shot is taken without destroying the integrity of the photo. Fair enough, but it’s still less of a pain in the aperture to capture it correctly the first time, and important to do so if you’re shooting JPEG.

Well, adorable online photo boutique Photojjojo is selling an interesting alternative to the gray card called the White Balance Lens Cap. Set your camera to capture custom white balance with the cap on and it supposedly perfectly captures the white balance of the lighting in front of you. The cap includes domes for neutral or warm color. At $45 to $65 depending on the size of the lens, it’s certainly cheaper than a gray card, but looks like a nice accessory purchase or gift for the more discerning photographer.