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Archos takes on net-top box, removes the box

Last updated on January 4, 2013

Whether it’s shipping tablets with hard drives or kickstands or game controls or making funky Android-based alarm clocks or DECT cordless phones, Archos often goes the extra mile to differentiate. Its latest Android venture outside the realm of tablets is the TV Connect. In contrast to boxes like the Vizio CoStar that feature Google TV branding, the TV Connect sits atop your television and offers a multitouch experience with the help of its beefy, Sony-challenging keyboard-equipped remote control.

The TV Connect isn’t the first device to stuff Android into a TV-based webcam. The TelyHD achieved that earlier although it does not offer full access to the Google Play marketplace. At $129, it costs more than the CoStar or a number of HDMI-based Android “sticks”, but may come the closest to replicating the Androd tablet experience on your television.