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And then there were less than Digital 5

Mediabolic acquired Digital 5 today, bringing inevitable consolidation of the home networking middleware market. Digital 5 had actually powered many of the early "connected DVD" players as well as the NetGear networked music player, but such products were beyond the home networking state of too many consumers' homes. Competitors remain, however, including Fabrik, the software behind the recently released Maxtor Fusion NAS drive from Seagate, and Implicit Networks, which developed the server software for the Acoustic Research MediaBridge digital media receiver.

Mediabolic has made good inroads with Intel and some of the networked storage vendors. It now needs to make more inroads with mainstream consumer electronics companies. At CES, DLNA was encouraging these giants to look more seriously at home networking than they ever have. That's a good climate for Mediabolic business development.