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Accessory Sunday: Keynamics Element

imageKeynamics attracted fans with its Aviator laptop stand that  could pack up to take minimal space and yet offered flexibility for a variety of laptop use cases such as airline seats. They followed up that device with the Element. Whereas some iPhone stands are so small they can fit in your wallet, the high-stepping Element hoists your iPhone far off the surface while providing pass-through cut-outs for cables. It’s price is pretty lofty, too, at $29, so Keynamics is promoting that it will work with an array of other cell phones and larger devices.

Keynamics’ site also motes that the device will support the iPad, something I was tempted to try given the product’s sturdy build. And while it technically can hold an iPad, I wouldn’t recommend it as the iPad’s center of gravity is simply too high to support the relatively narrow support of the Element. It will work, but it’s just a bit too easily toppled, at least in portrait orientation.