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Accessory Sunday: Good Grips’ Cord Catch

imageA new feature being tried out here at Out of the Box is Accessory Sunday, which will take a look at some handy little products that purport to make our digital lives just a tiny bit easier. The inaugural product is about as simple an accessory as one can find. It has no moving parts and requires no power. However, the elegantly sculpted Good Grips Cord Catch shows the focus on design that permeates Oxo’s kitchen gadgets.

The Cord Catch will work with most peripheral cables such as USB connectors, and  AC adapter cables . Its chrome dome form has a nice heft resting on its rubber base so it will stay put on your desk (unless an unsavory colleague take it, but of course i can be easily hidden in a drawer). At $7, it is a small inexpensive way to add a touch of convenience and ,cachet to your cables, and it looks as though Oxo is already on to its next computing accessory with the Good Grips Plug-In Charging Shelf.