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Accessory Sunday: Apple iPad case

image From the positive reactions, you might think that nothing could drive a wedge between iPad owners and their new Apple devices. But one of the first Apple accessories for its slate puts a wedge under or behind it. Typically understated but atypically absurdly functional at the expense of form, Apple’s rubbery iPad case does triple duty. When its cover is folded back on itself into a tab, it allows the iPad to be be oriented vertically for presentations. Or if its laid flat, it dramatically improves tying on the device since the user has a much better view of the screen. And it does this all without adding much bulk to the iPad’s sleek profile.

What’s not to love? First, the iPad is a little tricky to get in and out of the case, although that seems to be getting a bit easier as it may be wearing in a bit. Second, the perforation on the cover leaves the top a little floppy as its bent back. So, while the case is practically a must-buy today, I suspect that third parties will soon be introducing superior options, perhaps even that integrated keyboard model I’ve suggested.