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A second Looxcie

Last updated on July 23, 2020

When I had a look-see at the first Looxcie last October, I couldn’t overlook many of the disadvantages of the innovative Bluetooth camcorder headset. It was large – ostentatiously so – and had poor video quality. Well, it looks like the company has made significant progress in less than a year. While still no HD rival to a Kodak Playfull or GoPro, the Looxcie 2 looks small enough to pass for a reasonable headset and the video quality has been upped to VGA (yes, I just wrote “upped to VGA.”).

Perhaps more importantly, and taking a cue from GoPro,, the Looxcie 2 now offers a variety of mounts so that you can tune your level of conspicuousness. It remains a unique product, and at $200, comes in significantly below the HD wearable cams for capturing cheap thrill even as video capture options are coming to capture even cheaper thrills.