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13″ MacBook Pro matches iPad battery life

I had a chance to chat with some of Apple’s MacBook team this week to talk about the new MacBook Pros, which look exactly like the old MacBook Pros. One interesting note, though, is that the battery life of all models have been improved thanks to the good work of Apple’s on-staff battery chemists, and those looking for a portable computer that can yield 10 hours of battery life need not carry their screen and keyboard separately as the 13” model has answered the iPad’s challenge.

The battery life on the 13” model’s larger-screened siblings is also quite good, clocking in eight or nine hours. But these products also have faster processors, larger screens and discrete graphics, all of which take their toll. While I’ve always understood that smaller devices need to have smaller batteries, which affect battery performance, the paradox was that smaller smaller, more mobile notebooks more likely to be used away from a plug. Score one for the little guys this time.


  1. Mike Mike May 3, 2010

    /me makes a note to get Ross a picture of the actual new MPBs, instead of the ones last manufactured two years ago…

    • Ross Rubin Ross Rubin May 3, 2010

      Note to self to smack big “FPO” watermark on all Out of the Box graphics.

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