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The first iMac was disruptive

Dan Pallotta at the Harvard HBR Blog Network enumerates many points that demonstrate investor irrationality regarding Apple’s recent stock slide. The piece is well-supported, but I’d take issue with one point. In pointing out how Steve Jobs (after his return), like Tim Cook, did not introduce any disruptive products in his first year as CEO. Pallotta notes [B]ear in mind that four years elapsed from the time Steve Jobs took back the reins until the iPod was introduced. That’s true, … Continue reading

Apple-Microsoft Skydrive stalemate  ʦ

As I’ve written before, it’s reasonable for Apple to ask for a cut of the subscription revenue if the user signs up via iOS. But if a user signs up for a premium SkyDrive experience outside of iOS, then Apple should allow use of that app unfettered. I don’t see how this is any different than how the Kindle or NextIssue apps are handled. The iOS customer experience already suffers by forcing consumer workarounds to access services. But this kind … Continue reading

Apple, Google team up to bid for Kodak patents  ʦ

No one seems to have a problem with strange bedfellows when they’re protecting the money in their mattress.

This holiday, $299 is the new $199

This holiday, consumers will have at least three strong new consumer electronics products from which to choose converging around a $299 entry price — the Nintendo Wii U (basic set), the Kindle Fire HD 8.9, and the iPod touch. The other product that comes close and which may give that all a strong run for their money is the $329 iPad mini. While these products may come with different descriptions worthy of Breakfast Club-style stereotypes — the video game, the … Continue reading

Approving Google Maps on iOS

Google is apparently following through on rumored plans to bring iOS devices with a standalone app similar to the approach it has taken with YouTube. The big question that seems to be floating around is whether Apple would approve such an app, much of it centered on the rivalry between the two companies. However, Apple would have a hard time justifying non-approval as it already has approved other mapping and navigation apps for iOS such as Waze, Scout, MapQuest and … Continue reading

Apple-HTC cross-license could weaken Apple litigation  ʦ

Florian Mueller at FOSSPatents: In any future situation in which Apple seeks injunctive relief against an Android device maker, the Apple-HTC license agreement will have to be shown to the court and the parties’ lawyers, and other adversaries will hold it against Apple, claiming that Apple’s willingness to sell a license to HTC covering a given patent means that it can be compensated with money for the continued infringement of such a patent.

The dwindling case for the iPad 2

(No, this post is not about a new protective cover that wraps around Apple’s second-generation tablet ever more tightly.) Breaking a bit with tradition at the debut of the iPad mini, Apple did not keep the previous version of the iPad 3 in the lineup with the release of the fourth-generation iPad. Instead, it eliminated the third-generation iPad and instead left the slower, second-generation (iPad 2) product in the lineup. About the only possible explanation for this was that Apple … Continue reading

For MacBook, thinness is the new screen size

Yesterday’a revamping of Apple’s MacBook product line resulted in a product portfolio curiosity. Apple’s notebook lineup now varies about as much by girth as it does by screen size. MacBooks remain available in three screen sizes but the 13″ model is also available in three thicknesses — the ultrathin MacBook Air, the slim MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and the classic MacBook Pro with SuperDrive (unbranded as such). Of course, there are other differences among these models such as storage … Continue reading

Rumor: Color Labs to be acquired by Apple  ʦ

It would be odd to see Apple go back to the same well from which it drank up Lala, but Color hit on some emerging phenomena such as introductions and (live) video sharing that will undeniably become more important.

Sorry, Woz, but things haven’t changed at Apple

Dan Graziano at Boy Genius Report: [Apple's] co-founder went on to point out that once upon a time Apple released software on competing platforms, such as its release of iTunes on Windows. Something has recently changed, however: As Wozniak points out, iTunes isn’t available on Android. In fact, very little has changed, at least regarding app support for competing operating systems. iTunes has been one of the few exceptions to Apple developing software for Windows or any other non-Apple platform; Steve Jobs famously described the port as … Continue reading