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The passing of the mobile pure play

As Palm introduced its failed candidates for salvation, webOS and the Palm Pre at its press conference at CES 2009, the company talked about what it perceived as an advantage versus Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. Palm had mobile in its roots and Palm was a mobile-only company. That perceived advantage went out the window when the company was purchased by HP. Then Motorola — or at least Motorola Mobility despite its now-divorced cable equipment ties — was acquired by … Continue reading

BlackBerry 10: Moving on from PlayBook  ʦ

Roger Cheng at CNET: You can’t accuse RIM of rushing out BlackBerry 10. If anything, the operating system is way overdue. But the company has clearly spent the time to work out the kinks, and the early experience with the software has been pleasantly surprising. RIM isn’t aping a trend or trying something completely new with BlackBerry 10, it’s actually focusing on its core smartphone product. Absolutely, BlackBerry 10 is no PlayBook because the former is software and the latter … Continue reading

Amazon touches seas of Kindles with Whispercast

Like Apple, Amazon’s standing as a successful retailer has allowed it to drive the Kindle business beyond those of any other Android-based tablet maker. Both companies have succeeded in part because of their focus on the end-user or customer. The introduction of Whispercast, however, throws a wrinkle into that. This is the first “Whisper”-branded technology that caters to the needs of institutions, priming the pump for large-volume purchases. It may also signal a continued move away from ads that are … Continue reading

iPod touch: not a camera-killer

MG Siegler gets very excited about the iPhone 5-inspired iPod touch, saying it will further obliterate the point-and-shoot camera market. But the only thing that gets obliterated over the course of the review from my fellow TechCrunch columnist is that argument. This is achieved via his own points which note that point-and-shoot cameras continue to improve and that a current-generation iPod touch now costs nearly 50 percent more  I’ll say. If you value quality photography, not only can you get … Continue reading

Pono! Here we go again.  ʦ

Bobby Owinsky: it really does sound that much better (it should, but there are caveats), there is a group of people that will buy yet another version of the records that they may have purchased several times already. Unfortunately, it’s the same group that could not sustain many other attempts to do market higer-, ranging from SACD to iTunes Plus. Unless there’s some kind of game-changing pricing on the Pono service — and that seems unlikely given the focus on … Continue reading

Nokia’s renewed design impact

How can you tell the Lumia 920 has made a big impression even before launch? Even though the HTC 8x looks quite different (and slimmer) than the new Nokia flagship, people accuse HTC of copying Nokia. This is particularly interesting since colors were a relatively small part of the 920′s proposition, the 8x has a slimmer appearance, and the lower-end 8s has an even more differentiated two-tome “dipped” design (that I prefer to the 8x’s). A senior HTC executive described … Continue reading

On Apple’s new iPods  ʦ

Apple does not seem to be too concerned by the new economic disparity facing the new iPod touch. In fact, this will be the first time that Apple has offered the iPod touch in six hues. That’s not so unusual for a mature product line, but it has been something that Apple has tended to confine to the lower-end product and a move that indicates confidence in healthy sales volumes. My latest Switched On column talks about the changes to … Continue reading

Microsoft Courier reclaimed

Engadget reports that a team of Microsoft developers have been working on Project Austin, a note-taking app for Courier presented a fascinating environment for visual project-based brainstorming and organization. Folding screens make much more sense when the system software has been built for it from the ground up. However, even when I wrote about Courier’s potential, I noted that most of the magic was in the software, offering “The iPad’s blank slate might make it possible to create something like … Continue reading

Can’t iTouch this

The dead-on accuracy of the iPhone 5 rumors were in contrast to the lack of them pertaining to the new iPods, at least one of which underwent a far more dramatic form factor change from its predecessor. One of the few rumors that turned out to be false was that Apple might rename the iPod touch to the iTouch, making what is often a nickname for the device its official moniker. Part of the rationale was that the iPod touch, which is … Continue reading